Why Me?
2001-07-29 04:01:09 (UTC)

Good God...


This is the first diary I've ever kept in my life. It's
kinda weird. I'll probably never write "in" it. Maybe,
doubt it, but I might. So, allow me to introduce myself to
you, Diary: I'm Erin and most people think I'm an antisocial
bitch - but that's only half true. (I'll let you decide
which half). I'm pretty weird, I s'pose, having grown up in
Northeast Kentucky in the company of people that I Do Not
Like. I refuse to talk to people that I qualify as "dolts"
and/or "preps". If you can't carry on a decent
conversation, you're a dolt. If you don't WANT to carry on
a decent conversation (which is, in my opinion, an exchange
of ideas that don't involve material objects), you're a
prep. My school is very cliquish and it's hard to "Be
Social" when you don't have a "clique". And, if you
couldn't tell, I enjoy quotation marks because they're
cool.I like to read and write and find all things paranormal
and/or supernatural interesting. Recently, I have developed
an interest in Freudian pyschology. I'm quiet in school, a
"braniac" if you will, and usually hang out with just a few
people at a time. I prefer the company of guys to girls,
because I have found that most girls will stab you in the
back or are simply too stupid to hang out with. Yes, I
sound snobby, but I'm not. I'll talk to anyone at first,
but I take my first impressions to heart and they're rarely
ever wrong. I'd say that I'm a very good judge of character.
I also have a tendancy to live in the past. Whether that's
good or bad, I don't know - nor do I care. My parents are
always telling me to get out and make friends, but I figure
to make the friends they want me to make, I'd have to put on
airs. I usually just think (or say, my smartass mouth has
the tendancy to get me in trouble) "I'd rather be hated for
who I am, than loved for who I'm not." Another one of my
favorite quotes is: You laugh at me because I'm different, I
laugh at you because you're all the same. That's enough
about my personality, I think. I'm beginning to feel
violated. :) I like to consider myself funny, but only in
that really cool-morbid-Stephen King way. I am fifteen (and
am ashamed to say I don't look a day over twelve), live with
both my parents (my mom's cool, but my dad is an ass), and I
have a brother who is going off to college - he's okay.
Well, there's a lot more about me to tell you, Diary, but I
have to get off of here - I'm babysitting, and it's
friggrin' Midnight! Well, Amis, I'm gonna split!