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2002-09-30 03:01:35 (UTC)

Friday Night at home

So this night starts wtih me picking up Carli, Meghan and
Matty. We go to the packi store to buy goods for tonights
festivities, well, we were supposed to go somewhere but
ended up that plans fell through. And instead we went
somewhere else. where to be quite honest. i really didnt
want to be. And me being me, i freaked out. either way, we
left there and went to the hockey game.. and from there
went back to where my car was and stayed for a little

I met Shannon and Doren, from enfield. Two very nice young
girls lol! Either way it was nice to finally talk to
someone that you hear about. And i learned, i shouldnt
judge before i meet, and.... that jealousy kills, so why

So we left here and went over to see Chris corallo.
Carli's "friend". We stayed there for a little while, and
i had a run in with an angry beast... excuse me for saying
that, but when refering to her which should not be named,
there are no other worlds.. and using the term angry beast
is the nicest thing i could come up with. The beast got
pissed off carli and i was there, and tried starting shit.
Listen, It is morally wrong, to hate someone youve never
met. You can dislike things theyve done, not care about
them, whatever. but its wrong to hate on a basis of
nothing. sorry i just had to say that for the record.

After we left there, we were in the Meadows.. and i ended
up takling to three people from my past. These three
people were people i used to spend alot of time with. Well
eitherway, it brought back alot of memories, some bad,
some good. Either way, it was a harsh
flashback/realization. People i connect with will always
be important to me, no matter how they treat me or act. I
will always always care for them.

after this we dropped off carli, and were on the way back,
and i really wanted to talk to matt d cause there was alot
on my mind, and hes such a great person to talk to, cause
he understands and doesnt judge me and we NEVER fight. And
so i went to where he was, and i just got really upset.
and he reassured me that things change, but that i can get
through this...

Later meg and i went to dennys, and i saw my sister! it
was awesome. I love my sis. well anyways meg and i orderd
this sandwich, and we eat the first part and i find this
black curly hair in it, so i show quasi moto my waitor and
he like flips out 'the cooks dont have black
hair'. "EXACTLY MY POINT! GROSS".. so we keep eating and
wow.. another hair. so i give it to him and he gets pissed
and doesnt come back to the table. wel i got the manager
and i was like your waitor was rude to me, and so she took
it off the bill. but seriosuly the nerve! I MAY EAT FOOD

i dopped meg off and went to night night.

comment on night- i feel like home (suffield) brings me
more pain then happyness. sure my family is there and they
make me happy. but everything else is just a dark scene,
where i cant win, and i cant run. and most of all i cant
help. so i ask.. is it still my home?