2001-07-29 03:52:15 (UTC)

Where Is Me?

You're gone. I dont know where you went or when you'll be
back. Or why it was that you left in the first place. What
was it you were hiding from? Yourself? Someone else?
Nothing at all?

Sure you're still here I can look you in the eyes, my
reflection, but there is just something about you that
tells me you died a long time ago. You were so smart. I
thought you had your life planned out in front of you. All
those day dreams about all the things you were going to do.
What ever happened to those dreams? Did you lock them away
with you when you shut everyone out of your life? Or did
they just wither away into the air when there was a change
in the breeze? You've locked yourself into this shell of
sadness and pain.

I see you in front of the mirror crying, cutting, pulling
your hair as you scream.
I can hear the glass shatter as you punch the mirror and I
can hear you asking why. I can feel you trembling as you
curl yourself into a ball in the corner cold and alone.
You need more, but there isnt any left and your stomach
hurts and your eyes are bloodshot. Nose is bleeding. Your
whole body aches.

All this pain. For what? Was it all worth it? You can't
fight emotional pain with physical pain. Your scars only
prove insanity. A cry for help?
I pray sometimes, I pray to make you better, I pray to make
you understand that things will be alright, I pray that you
will someday learn that people love you. God, I wonder each
fucking day which one will be the last.
This is the only person that I will always be able to say
goodbye to. Myself

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