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2001-07-29 03:44:21 (UTC)


Dont brush my hair out of my face or wipe my tears
Dont tell me you love me just to disapear
Dont look me in the eyes and tell me everything is going to
be alright, you told me you wouldnt hurt me
Dont rock me in your arms because I wont fall asleep
Dont tell me you want me just to push me away
Dont tell me Im pretty then spit in my face
Dont tell me Im good for something then tell me Im good for
nothing when it doesnt turn out right.
Dont pin my arms above my head and kiss my stomach or
anything else
Dont rub my tighs while looking into my eyes I just feel
like such trash
Dont make it seem like something its not and dont abuse
what it isnt
Take me for who I am cause Im just trying to make a living
Give me my money after its done and leave so you cant see
me crying
Dont look me in the eyes cause I cant see
Im not there when your inside me Im off in another place in
Just give me my money and say goodbye
Dont tell me its not the way to go when its all Iv ever
Just give me my fucking money and leave.

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