2001-07-29 03:43:42 (UTC)

Pay Back

Got the door slammed in my face again, next time I'll be
the one who’s slamming the door, I'll make you trust me,
tell me everything, I'll hold all your torment in my hand
then laugh in your face, I'll lock the door, I'll never
open it again. I'll swallow the key along with your heart,
your words, your fear, your trust. In me. Gone. It was all
for nothing. Never was, never will be. It's my turn to hurt
you. It's my fucking turn to make you suffer.

While you're on the ground crying Ill be laughing kicking
you while you’re down. I think I've finally found the humor
in it all, and God damn it. It's pretty fucking funny.
Cause while I have your trust now, nothing about you means
anything to me.