16 years old and lost in life?
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2002-09-30 02:17:30 (UTC)

My Life on Weekends doesn't get any beter then this!!

My past 3 weekends, have been great....I met this guy named
Chad & on August 4th is when we really got to know each
other, so its been almost 2 months now, I only get to see
him on weekend's becuase i live an hour away but when i get
outthere me him and about 5 - 6 other ppl never leave each
others sides. In my hometown i don't do anything and never
involved in anything they say *they already had plans* or
*there's not enough room* But with them no Matter what
there's always *room* they'll make room if they have to
whichis soo awesome.
But of course you always have these people who like the
same person that you do. I got asked to homecoming by Chad
but im not to ure if he likes me like that ...me n him are
both juniors and i think he likes this freshman and i dont
know how o find out if h does or not, cuz he s reallygood
at keeping those thngs to himself...but i need helponhow i
can figure this out so plase write me some feedback
THanks a ton
"Live each passing second to the fullest"