Nick's Journal
2002-09-30 02:12:08 (UTC)

Career Fair and Coffee

So thursday was intersting for me. the career fair was
here and every business major was wiggin' out. i swear it
looked like every fucking senior business major had just
smoked an ounce of dank and been told that the cops are
after them. running around like frightened guinea pigs.
frightened, angry guinea pigs. frightened, angry, guinea
pigs who are realizing that an A in finance 4334 really
doesn't mean shit in the real world if a company just flat
out doesn't want to hire. see i thought the gym was bad in
terms of people being competitive and jsut flat out
vicious to each other, but boy was i wrong. the worst
were the girls though. fucking cold hearted bitches.
they looked like they rip out your heart and eat it just
because they forgot their slim-fast and were kinda
like for instance i got in (what i thought was the line)
for dupont, and this girl said, "oh i don't think so,
you're gonna have to go to the BACK of the line, you're no
more special than the rest of us." cute. very cute. the
kind of girl i can see mothering 6 children and then
beating them senseless when they throw up on her income
statement. ah, i love the capitalistic society.
then we have over-achiever boy. trying to fit his whole
life into a "pleasant" 3 minute conversation (he really
reminded me of Pip in south park the movie....."i went to
yardale where i got a 4.0"). argh, so fucking annoying,
and i could tell the employers hate it even more, cos they
never responded to that, they just talked over it.
there's just something about seneselessly extolling
yourself that doesn't make for a good characteristic.
now the employers were pretty bad too. some of them had
this horrible "holier than thou" attitude. some of them
were just downright hostile, like it was my fault that
their lives were miserable. i swear this one guy was
particularly sardonic about it. i could imagine him being
like "well, your resume is pretty good, but what i'm
really intrested in is if you can get it past me ......i
mean if you think you're the man for this job let's see if
you can defeat me in hand to hand combat......come on's go-time." and then he gets into a wrestling
stance. moreover, i was applying for an internship and
NOONE was interested in that shit.
so they sorta look at me like i have a piece of shit on my
lip and say "yeah......we'll put this resume in the intern
pile" and then feeds it through a shredder.
i also had a shitload of coffee to stay functional. by
the end of the day i saw one of those fuckign paxil
commercials. now by then i had had so much caffeine i was
shaking so badly i could have been pretyt pleasurable for
an elephant as a dildo. but i did realize how retarded
paxil is. it's that fucking drug that makes you social
again. apparently you're asocial because of a chemical
imbalance, not because you're a fuckign moron with
issues. so now we give you a drug to make you act like a
normal human fucking being. what happened to the good old
days? when we simply chastized those people so much they
ate themselves to death. or blew their fucking brains
out. sigh, the good old days. or when we forced them to
join groups.....yeah i liked that. WILL be
strong....or else. however it just seems like ti's more
of a placebo than anything. i mean i'm sure their is some
bio-chemistry to it, but the fact is you just have to get
your dysfunctional ass up and out into the world, and we
as society should be the cattle prod that gets you moving,
not the fucking pharmaceutical nazis.