Nick's Journal
2002-09-30 01:59:08 (UTC)

Music in the gym

My friend john and i have been going to the gym since
freshman year. thats' 2 whole years, now that's
dedication. aside from the fact that it makes me look
like arnold, it's fun to make fun of the people there and
what not. however there is one downside to it (aside from
teh suffocating atmosphere of testosterone). the problem
is the music.
they play the absolute worst shit. mostly it's jimmy eat
world "middle". now i know that this great band has
revolutionized the way in which new shitty bands play
three chords over and over for 3 straight agonizing
minutes, but do they need this much play time? it's
beyond anything. however in my opinion that's not even
the worst part.
sometimes they put in tapes. last friday it was a "techno
tape". so basically we heard shitty songs with a techno
remix. more specifically we heard christina aguilera's
ginnie in a bottle. basically it's what she'd sound like
if she smoke a whole bag of crack rocks and then let loose
on the mike. blech. it's just so hard to really get
pumped to lift weights with "it's raining men" blaring on
the loudspeakers.