2001-07-29 03:35:50 (UTC)

Job Hunt

I just got back from the beach about an hour ago. It's
freezing outside. The sky is awesome looking though. There
was this weird looking cloud.. looked sort of like the
smoke lines that those jets leave. well anyway.. the moon
was almost full and the whole cloud just floated over the
moon and it was just.. neat.

The clouds were just really weird looking tonight. It was

I have a few jobs that I need to call for Monday. I hope
that I get something. But I have to have a certian day off,
and Im sure that wouldnt be a problem. I hope anyway.

I dont know if I should wait until after this certian date
or what? The sooner I get something the better though. I
really need the money. Bad.

In other news... Im so moody lately and I hate it. I cry
over anything and everything and the times I lay awake in
bed at night and just try not to even think about anything
at all except just to listen to the noise of the fan in my
room, these flashes come into my memory and it brings back
times I wish never happened. Things I wish I could change.

Things I know I cant change. Certian feelings I dont want
to feel. It just sucks. Everyday I wake up and sigh and
think about how much I need a job and how much I should
have never just walked out on my old job. Christ. What the
hell is wrong with me. I hate being this way. I hate it. It
just gets in the way of fucking everything.