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2001-07-29 03:31:25 (UTC)

Sat 7-28

Its a little after 11 pm, and im sitting on the couch in
our hotel room. dad is watching tv, trae is around
somewhere and mom is off doing laundry. gosh, i hate being
on vacation with my parents and having to share the same
room. tomorrow we are moving to a suite with 2 rooms,
luckily. i cant wait. we have had fun so far. i got to
the beach around 11, and just hung out at the pool laying
out. it is sooooo hot. i got in the ocean and the pool a
few times, to cool off. we came in around 3 and then got
showers and went out to eat at this little italian place.
i talked to caleb tonight for a while, which was cool. we
have been doing pretty well, getting along and all. i met
him at the mall last night and we hung out for about an
hour and a half, just like old times. we held hands when
we walked around the mall, he had his arm around me, we
kissed. . . we got dinner and then left. he took me to his
car to show me his headlights (which are really cool) and
his new stereo that has a remote (ridiculous, but thats
just my opinion). he drove around the parking lot and we
parked and started talking, which led to making out
and "heavy petting." i hate the term, but thats what it
was. it felt really good. i had a lot of fun. we talked
aobut the guy i went out and hannah a little. he said he
really doesnt know if he likes her, but he said he would
rather buy stuff for his car than go out with her. i dont
know if he was just telling me that or if he really meant
it, but it was nice to hear. he told me that he liked
the "comfortablility" that he has with me, he said he could
never feel like that about another girl. he said a bunch of
sweet things that make it impossible for me to hate him.

i left the mall around 9:30 pm, and got here to daytona
around 10:40 or so, it didnt take long at all. i got on the
computer when i got here and we talked for about an hour
and a half, i guess, i dont know, i lost track when he
started telling me about his fantasy where he is a teacher
and im the student and some other stuff. it was very
surprising, but i had a lot of fun. we had a very
interesting conversation.

anyways, nothing else interesting happened today. i talked
to caleb about hanging out again on friday when we leave.
it will be august 3rd, the 2 year anniversary of our first
date. i cant believe ive known him that long, it seems like
we've known each other forever, but it seems like the time
has flown by at the same time, its really weird. he doesnt
have to work that day, he just has to get something done to
his car, and then he said he is free. so, i dont know what
we are going to do. i kind of want to go to a movie and get
ice cream, like we did on our first date. im actually
really excited. maybe i will be really tan by then. i got
some sun today, but not a lot. my face is pretty pink and
my legs are slightly pink.

anyways. . .i dont want to get off the computer, trae wants
to get on when i get off. i want to keep writing, but i
dont know what else to write about. um. . . bobbi is
kentucky visiting friends now, i think it is really good
that she isnt here this week. there is this nice calm
around here that isnt here when she is present. a lot of
fighting was avoided by her leaving. i know that is really
mean to say, but its totally true. i feel bad for her bc
her life is so messed up, but i dont bc she did it all to
herself. she expects everything to just be given to her.
and she is so mean to mom. i hate that. she makes mom feel
so bad and guilty for her, even though its not moms fault.
like, mom called her today to check in and bobbi started
cussing at her and yelling and telling her that her life
was so messed up and it was all mom and dad's fault. i
know it really hurt mom that she said all that. im just
wish she would grow up and grow out of this stupid phase
that she is going through.

ok, so no one hit on me today, unfortunately. i saw a
couple of cute guys, but no one talked to me. i really
wish someone would. i think it would be so neat to meet a
guy and have someone to hang out with this week, other than
trae. i saw a guy bodyboarding today. i couldnt tell how
cute he was bc he was too far away, but i got in the water
and hung out, hoping that he would ride a wave in and i
could ask him what kind of board he has. but he never even
rode a wave. maybe i looked like a dork. who knows.
regardless, he didnt talk to me. i finally gave up and went
back up to the pool. i really wish that i could bodyboard.
i want a board so bad, but they are so expensive. i would
rather spend my money on important stuff like a bedskirt,
curtains, and pillow shams. i still have alot to buy
before i go to school.

so, now im just making stuff up to talk about bc i cant
think of anything else. dad is telling me to get off, so i
guess ill go now. its 11:30, i may go to bed so i can get
up early. i think we may go shopping or to a flea market.
thats what i want to do. who knows what will happen. ta ta!

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