Inside Me
2002-09-30 00:32:45 (UTC)

Sundays end

Well church went well tonight, except for a few things. The
announced my mom getting this table thing done, and well
someone else has been waiting awhile for theirs, but
actually, my mom does have it done, its just my dad has to
reconstruct the chair and put it together, something to
that idea. I was talking to jenny, and then jacob came
over, and jenny left but was coming back, so I just stayed
about talked with Jacob, but then jenny came back and said
she had to leave, i yi yi, then jacob went to choir and by
that time I left. We had to take Mr.Lampharter home, Flo
was suppose to, and said she would but then she wanted to
go with tiff, so my dad offered. I might drive tomorrow
morning to school, woo hoo! I'm going to get up early and
try to exercise, I think with my job, I"m on my feet but
not moving all that much, so before my legs would get
bigger, I'll just do streches and things in the morning. I
bought a new pair of shoes and a jacket type thing, but I
won't be waering them for awhile. I'll just buy a couple
fall things, and save them and wear them later all kinda
all at once if that makes any sense. Well, I guess I'll end
here. Goodnight.