Scarlet's Life
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2001-01-22 01:57:27 (UTC)

Hey.. I know it s been..

Hey.. I know it's been awhile... but nothing has really
happened this week.. well this weekend was BUSSY.. my
friend nicole spent the weekend over here... Fri. me nicole
my mom and my step-dad went driving around and all.. and
then sat me and nicole went over to the mall and got single
pics of us done.. and lator on me and nicole spent like
from 6-11:30 over at kyles house just chillin Chase was
over there he has this crush on me and he kissed me I felt
bad b/c I kissed him back and all.... then today we went to
kyle's for a while till like 3 then we (me and nicole) met
up with chase and went down to the store and back to my
house me and chase was on the couch and all.. and he kissed
me again.... i don't know i feel SOOOOOOOOO bad.. but who
knows.. I PORMISE never again..!!!!!!! I can't do this I'm
making myself feel sooooooooooooo bad..... I LOVE Ben to
death.. and I can't do this to him nor to myself.. and Sat
was Ben's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! his 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!! o.k.
let not sit here and complain.. I've gotta write him and
all.. I hope he's getting out before march.. or by Spring
Break!!!! DEFFLY by Spring Break!!!!!! I don't know how
much more if this shit I can take..
OHHHHHH Thursday.. eddie who I though was my best
friend tried to kissme and all this other shit.. I"m
PISSSSSSSSSSSSED at him.. he had no right to do that...
Well... I gues I better just shout up and go.... before i
get even more mad at myself...

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