Meanderings of A Genius Mind
2001-07-29 03:03:09 (UTC)

July 28,2001

what a boring day, i didn't do anything today but listen to
music and write some source code, and watch tv, there was
some pretty interesting stuff on tv though, there was a
contest for people to make something fully automated and
survey land for situations such as natural disasters and
things like that. i am totally suprised that brandon hasn't
called me today, he usually calls me all through the day,
but he has been in pain from his surgery. he said that he
would rather be dead right now, but the only thing that is
keeping him from wanted to die is the girl that he is madly
in love with, speaking of which i talked to april,the girl
that i like alot, i was going to call her, but i am not sure
if i am smothering her by emailing her 1-3 times a day,and
calling her too, so i decided not to call unless i tell that
i will because the last thing i want to do is turn her away
from me by being to overly enthusiastic, i figured out what
i want on my class ring finnaly, my parents had to pursuade
me into getting one, i really didn't want one at first
because they didn't have the emblems that i wanted but there
was another company that does , so i am going to go with
them , i am a computer nerd, so i one side i decided to go
with the computer insignia and on the other side i am going
to put the electronics insignia. my friend adam was supposed
to come bye and show this pocket pc that i was going to by
from him , and teach me how to drive stick, but he never
did,then it rained on and off today , and the last time that
it did, it was lightning so i turned off my computer.i
dressed like my mom wants me to dress for next year today, i
wore a button down white dress shirt with blue jeans and
boots, she wants me to dress like that mainly because if im
going to be driving , she doesn't want me looking like i
regularly do do to the racial-profialing and all that. me
and my dad were discussing car insurance, which quickly
escallated to a heated argument,well it was actually a one
sided argument, with his side being the one discussed, i
found out on friday that once again, you shouldn't judge
anyone by their outward apperance,in my class, there is this
guy that dresses in all black and has long hair and reads
books about the stuff that 'regular' highschool students
wouldn't ,so i was talking to my friend about some modems
and he just turned around and jumped right into our
conversation, and was quite suprised that he did , but it
was a plesent suprised, we started talking about all this
stuff that sounded like a forign language to other people,
plus it gave me a hidden reality check,it was also good to
talk to another computer intellectual that actually new what
he was talking about. there was this dude, in the same class
that butted in my conversation when i was talking to this
girl about cd writers. she asked me how much would it cost,
and which kind to get, so i asked he about her computer and
all this other stuff and told her that i would install it
for her, and make sure that it ran like it was supposed to
for free since i new her from church, which was saving her
abur 40 bucks an hour for labor, so we are in the middle of
this conversation and this gomer pile looking dude decided
to put his two pennies worth in by saying that it would
mess up your computer by putting a cd burner in, he thought
that your computer would get messed up because he thought
that it would take all of the space on your computers hard
drive, so i had to explain to him that if you don't want to
have the cd copied to your hard drive first, you don't have
to, but he insisted that he was right and i was wrong, i can
give it to him that he was persitant about his thought, but
it was totally wrong and to me, made him look utterly dumb
and the fact that he was talking loud didn't really help him
any, then i asked him did he even have a burner, and he
replied no....but my friend does. i didn't pay him any
attention for the rest of the week. it just made me mad that
someone would give somebody the wrong infomation about
something, knowing that they don't know what they are
talking about, and are just going off of hearsay,thats why
when i get into an argument i always try to know at least a
little about what i am talking about before i get into an
argument with someone that A, i don't even know and B, that
knows what they are talking about, because when you are
talking loud and drawing a crowd and then you are the one
that is totally obviously wrong, that, is when it's your
turn to feel stupid.