ted morrison jnr
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2001-07-29 02:49:30 (UTC)

hide nor hair

what about the people we lose? i was just thinking about an
old friend of mine, brad, and how i havent seen him for
years now. we lived together in an abandoned mansion and
worked at a cheesy restaurant somewhere in kentucky and
finally we got it on and then i left to live on a commune at
the top of a mountain with boys in skirts. it was all sex
drugs and enlightenment until i figured out that they were
actually worshippers of satan. so i left. but when i
returned, brad was nowhere to be found and i just wonder:
did he marry off, sink into a life of heterosexual despair
with some blonde bitch who could never figure his worth?
where is brad?
last night i met the coolest boy ever. a straight/curious
tall and refreshing drink of...water, his name is harry, a
sculptor. we were drinking cheap beer and tequila on a deck
at my favorite bar and he just happened to sit down next to
me. we started talking and he asked me when i figured out
that i like boys. which is always a question i hate, because
why does it really matter? i mean, sex is such a basic thing
that it should be left alone. there arent reasons. its all
exploration. and now im looking for a girl. to show me how.
right? or maybe a boy to share the experience with.
aside from sex and drugs, i have finally decided to heed my
call as an artist and dive on into the great despair of
sharing intimate musings with strangers. it is a hard call
to decide the worth of a piece, to sell a section of ones
own enlightenment, but i think i may be ready. so get ready,
people. get up. wake up. theres more to life than this.
(read the declaration of independence)

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