My Reality
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2002-09-29 23:35:31 (UTC)

Whats "J" going to think?

OK heres the deal...i have decided that i hate going App.
actually i have known that for quiet some time but i never
did anything about it. well the other day i got motivated
and got online to see what i could find out and where i
could wander. my plan was to find a school that was kinda
far away but not too bad. like still capable to come home
every once in a while without it being an ordeal but at the
same time not too close that i would be there every
Ok so i dont like georgia so that was out of the question,
i was thinking tennessee, south carolina, north carolina,
or virginia. well, i looked up schools that were highly
rated in interior design and could also offer architechture
majors so i can change my mind later on if i chose to.
well i got some great results. the weird part is the one
that seems the most interesting and the most beneficial, is
Virginia Tech. its in blacksburg, thats right, thats
where "J" is. So my issue is do i go anyways even if he
feels weird with me moving, or will he be happy bc there
will be a good reason for me to move there now, or will he
still not care bc he wants to go into the air force and is
leaving, or.....awww the stupid possibilities.
Its just for once i have found something that i really
really really want.(besides him) It just seems so perfect.
the website for the school even offers info on apartments
for rent and job opp. The way i figure it i could take a
semester off to work, and then in the fall of 2003 i could
go back and work on becoming an interior designer, which i
think i can handle doing.
I just dont know how to bring this up to anyone. my
parents would freak out about so many things, and i dont
knwo how "J" would react. i mean he could either be really
really really happy about it or horribly uncomfortable with
it. i mean i would prefer the first one but who knows and
i cant just call him up and ask him so now i have to wait
it out and see..i think i might get to talk to him ovr
thanksgiving, so maybe i will have the balls to talk to him
about it then.
i plan on taking a trip up to blacksburg with some friends
just to check the place out and see if i like the town and
probably check out the campus.
it just seems like what i want. i would be tossed out on
my own and have to hack it on my own and i would have a
real job and a real apartment all to myself, and hell if
josh was happy about me being there, i could have the man
of my dreams. this is just the total package. this school
sounds awesome, i have talked around and heard some great
things about it and i have been practically glued to their
website trying to get to know all about it, and i even
requested some information and an application for the fall
i am so nervous so many things could go wrong. the folks
could get pissed, "J" might freak out on me my scholarship
might not coem through in virginia, i coud have trouble
getting an apartment i could have a lot of trouble getting
a job. but after all of that i still have to say that i
really want to go. i really want to try this. its just so
weird, i didnt even know that tech offered interior design
classes, i thought it was more of a technology oriented
school (bc of the name duh) and then i came to find out
that its ranked like 11th in the nation of schools for
interior design. god if this could actually work out i
would just flip out. it really would be everything that i
want and more....i really hope that "J" would be cool with
me moving there..i can honestly say that even if he werent
there i would most likely do this...its just too good to
pass up....and so is he...i could have the school of my
dreams and the kind of guy that all girls dream
about....pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease god let him be cool with no fuck that...let him love it...let him think
that this is the answer to our problems...let this be the
thing that makes him go hot damn i cant wait to be with
her...a girl kinda likes that reaction from time to time!!!!