2001-07-29 02:34:19 (UTC)


I was looking at these college viewbooks and it finally hit
me, that a year from now I'll be going into college. This
is undoubtedly one of the wierdest feelings I've
ever...felt. As much as I have liked it/not liked it/liked
it/hated it...etc, High School, and with it the eighteen
years I've endured at the hand of teachers in the public
school system, will be over. I think this is comparable to
tearing down an endangered animal's habitat or something.
You're supposed to look at the viewbooks, and look at the
actual colleges, and choose your future. It's like those
books you read when you were like 12 or something, except
there is no skipping from page 6 to page 113 and choosing
whethere you want to eat the strange thing (page 31 if so
inclined) or run away in fear (page 47 if this suits you).
It's just sorta crazy...I come from a small school anyway,
in central massachusetts, where everyone is close and all
that smack. I hate to admit it, but living in the country
for all these years has gotten to me a little bit, though I
won't admit it to people I actually know. I still hold,
cling tentatively I guess, to the fact that I was born in
Boston, and lived my first years there, and am therefore a
Bostonian, not a hick. But now, I've been in this small
town for seven, eight when I graduate, years. The schools
I'm looking at:NYU, BU, Emerson, which are in "big cities"
and then Syracuse and Vassar, which are in "Small
cities"...This is somewhat frightening. It's gonna be a
huge change, not like I won't want it, but it will be
something new to actually be able to hear sounds other than
nature when I sleep at night. But hey, that isn't the
point of this damned thing! The point look at
these viewbooks, and you just sorta realize that hey, in
another year, the world that you just figured out...well,
it's being replaced. Good day.

Oh yeah, and Sabes posted excellent numbers...6ip, 1r,
3hits, 3 ks...I love the man! Plus, Nomar will be playing
soon, and tek is coming back, pedro in a month...good stuff.