love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-09-29 22:13:04 (UTC)

college parties

last night me, jamie, and amanda went to Clemson. a college
about 45 minutes out of the way. Ate lunch with friends
from high school and went back to watch movies and toss
back a few beers. "tossing back a few beers" turned into
emptying a bottle of vodka and one of everclear between 9

crazy stuff happened... bad stuff happened... but it was an
experience well needed.

good thing is Andrew and I had a few bonding moments.
Sharing a toilet to throw up in... trying to steady and
walk eachother down the halls. we talked too, a lot
actually... hes changed his mind about me. brittani didnt
tell him the right stories... or did, but told them the
wrong way. but whatever. im just glad he's not mad at me.

i don't remember much between playing strip poker and
throwing up... and throwing up and going to sleep.

my call log in my cell phone says i talked to brittani...
but i dont remember it. i dont know how long we talked or
what was said. i am kind of scared to confront her about
it. so i wont.

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