Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-07-29 01:33:44 (UTC)

"Your wife is my baby momma..."

So, the title will once again...not fit the entry. That's
part of a song I really like right now, by the way.

So, yesterday was an interesting day. I woke up late for a
job interview and said, "screw it"! I was late, so there
was no point even trying to make it, especially if I didn't
really know where it was. After I took a shower, I went
over to Sonja's and hung out for a minute. Then I headed
over to my Aunt Shirley's...shared the latest gossip. So,
then it was off to my house to try to figure out something
to do for the night. As I was sitting here (online, of
course), Buck calls.'s 7:30 in the evening and
he's calling. I don't know, but I guess stranger things
have happened. So, I went over there for about two hours.
We watched "Save the Last Dance"...which totally surprised
me, cuz I would never think he would like that kind of
movie. He'd never seen it, so maybe he didn't really know
what it was. He was kinda into though. So, we're sitting
there and his ex-bitch Lori calls and they're arguing back
and forth. Apparently she was gonna come over to his house
and beat his ass (yaaaahhh riiiiighhhtt...), so I was like,
well I'm out. I'm not getting in this drama. NOPE! Not
my thing. So, as I was leaving...someone starts pounding
on the door. OH SHIT! I thought it was her...not that I
prolly could've taken her...I don't want the
confrontation. No guy is worth fighting for. It wasn't
her, it was Jon... So, I was soooo outta there after he
showed Then I headed home and we ended up going
to Bretz. I got pretty toasty-like and that was mass fun.
I had a good time, for once. I entered the "titty
contest"...where you unbutton your shirt or pull it off, in
order to show off your tits. I've never done that now every gay boi and girl and everyone else
there has seen my boobs. I dont' know how I feel about
that. I think I feel a little dirty, especially cuz I
didn't win. One of the other girls won, cuz she actually
lifted her bra too...and I was soooo not all about that.
EWWW!! So, then I went home and me and Nicky P. had some
good conversation. Then off to bed. Yay for sleep!
Today I spent the entire day cleaning. GOD! This house
was FILTHY!! GROSS! But it's clean now. Yay for that!
So, this entry was prolly boring but I don't care. Bye
all! :)