The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-07-29 01:32:50 (UTC)


man i miss everyone so much
i even miss robb. i mean i kinda liked him sometimes but
not nearly as much as i liked jeff. but there was something
about him that was werid, i mean he just new things. like
one time i was a little upset about something that involved
jeff and it was like he knew. cuz when i was gettin in the
vbus to sit beside jeff he was like u wanna sit back here?
i said no its ok but he said r u sure as if he knew i
didn;t really want to sit with jeff, but of course sitting
with jeff made all my doubts go away since we cuddled so it
worked out but it just made me feel weird that he knew or
something. aw well! man i miss everyone so much, and i just
found out that my friends Ex may be in my class next year
and i kinda liked him alot 2 years ago but he is a bit of a
jerkk now so i hope i dont like him again cuz i just dont
want to get into that again
i'll write again

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