driven by a strange desire
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2002-09-29 19:36:50 (UTC)

beer and dolphins

so we went to a "small" keg party at tim/xt/nissa/rob's
house. it was fun, saw people i hadn't seen in a while.
including daniel who i think is the only person i run into
who remembers janine kelsey. i miss her still. maybe i
should put an ad out on the internet? hehe. that would be
funny if it worked.
best shot of the party:
rob and bailey both love beer
did you see that twiggy was back on the runway? i
hope to god i could look half that good in my fifties. but
she's so cute.
now i need to go and do a lot of nothing before work. also
must remember to get fish oil. skin elasticity is a good

music: holly mcnarland - just in me
cloth: nin:downward spiral tshirt
sustenance: iced tea from bojangles
read: poemcrazy
work: at 5:45 i think?

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