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2002-09-29 19:23:40 (UTC)


this is my first entry..yay :oP.. welll yesterday was
boring until i went to the movies w/ BIlly joe...we saw
sweet home alabama.. that was a pretty good movie. we were
suppose to meet these 2 guys there but they never showed
haha grrr.. ne ways then this kid called her and asked if
we wanted to go to party but it was like 11:30 and it would
of taken soo long to get there and blah blah.. so we ended
up not going.. there'll b other parties..or thats wat we
were thinking it was soo funny cuz we were like yea we
prolly shouldnt go we'd get in soo much trouble and prolly
wouldnt get home til like 3 ... and then we were jus
talking about stuff for 3 hrs im not even kidding hahah
billyjoe we r sis's i swearrr!! so we ended up getting home
at 3.. we should of jus gone to the party then haha ..well
thats all... l8as!!

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