listen to my silences
2002-09-29 18:58:46 (UTC)

car wreck

i was on my way to school this past friday. it was a
dreary day, pouring down rain. so i was being extra
careful. i was at a stoplight where i would turn left.
there were two cars coming the other way. they were a ways
off, and the first car was turning right and would have to
yield to me anyways. so i began the turn. the second car
sped up at the same time, and somehow, no one has figured
this out yet, his front driver's side hit my front driver's
side. i was going maybe five miles per hour. the speed
limit there is forty, but like i said he sped up.

so he hit me. hard. my seatbelts automatically lock if
there is any sudden pull on them. they lock me right up
against the seat. however he hit me so hard that though
the seat belt locked, my chest hit the steering wheel.

needless to say it hurt. we didn't call 911, just the
police. and at the time i was still in shock so i didn't
feel it. as minutes went by i started feeling it. no one
in my family could be reached, so i called a friend of
mine, neil, and he came and got me. my car is undrivable,
probably totaled. neil took me to a hospital in louisville
because floyd is horrible and university has the best
trauma care.

we got there at a quarter till nine. neil left at three
thirty. brodie got there at three and took me home. we
left at six fifteen. i spent nine and a half hours there.
it sucked. although i have some interesting stories. i
might write them down later.

so anyways they took three different types of xrays. one
was a ct scan and it felt like i was in a washing machine.
not that i would know what that would feel like, but you
know those coin laundry washers? that's what it looked and
sounded like.

nothing's broken. i'm in a neck brace because my neck
hurts a lot. my third vertabrae is pushed a little in
front of the second and fourth. they think it's normal but
they're not sure so i have to stay in it for a week.

so that's that for now. my sis needs the phone.

final thought: i hope that my teachers will accept a neck
brace and hospital bracelet as a doctor's excuse...