2002-09-29 18:53:08 (UTC)

Chores and Walking

Just another day of assorted chores. I blanched and froze
some corn this morning as well as some green peppers. I also
froze more tomatoes. I made chicken noodle soup from
yesterday's chicken, did laundry, sewed a few more Crow's
Food blocks and made a potato salad for John's lunch for

I've decided I need to return to my medicine walks. I've
been slacking off a bit and I can feel it. I've decided to
do two shorter walks of 15-20 minutes a day instead of one
long one. I found if I put a rosary in my pocket I can say
one during my walk. I took my first walk today just before
lunch and I'll take one again a bit later in the afternoon
but not too late or I'll use the excuse I need to make
dinner and then not walk at all.

John called from work to tell me that the mill will be doing
maintenance next week which means he'll be working eight
12-hour day shifts in a row. I'm not sure if this starts on
Monday or Tuesday. He'll take a few days off after this
marathon of work.

I found the Noah's Ark quilt John's grandmother made for him
and which was given to me for Jack more than 20 years ago.
John's mother wants to *borrow* it for a quilt show. I told
John that was fine but that I want it back. He assured me
that if it wasn't returned he himself would go to his mother
and fetch it. I'm also bringing a Churn Dash quilt I
quilted last year made from a top John's great-aunt Clara
had pieced in the 1930s. Yes, I'm going to want that quilt
back as well. I know my mother-in-law well. She has a
tendency to want to keep things *for safe-keeping* but I've
taken very good care of that quilt for the past 20 years and
should be entrusted to keep it until Jack wants it. End of
that rant.