Inside Me
2002-09-29 18:04:17 (UTC)

Day One

Wow, already Sunday, and tomorrow is working again. I'm
going to the Ren fair again this week. I want to buy a mask
or a painting not sure which yet, but I"m excited about it.
Joelle and Sarah and I have been talking about doing a song
for awhile now, and I'm hoping that P-A allows it, at least
really soon, I mean it has been long enough for that type
of stuff right? I"m working on so many poems right now.
It's terrible, I have all this parts of poems, none of
which are getting finished, weird huh? It's never worked
like this before. Oh, I satt next to Neil in Sunday school.
He was walking in, and looked at the seat beside me, and I
just smiled and said if you were wondering, you can sit
there if you want to. I figured I'd say that so he wouldn't
be wondering or anything. I think we might go shopping
before church, maybe. I wore one of my favs shirts thi
smorning to church, and chanced another lip stick style,
but everyone told me they loved my shirt. Oh sigh. Take
care everyone!