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2002-09-29 16:04:41 (UTC)

Events of the weekend

I was just looking at my calander thinking how I know it
had just turned September...and now....it's pretty much
October. Funny how that happens.
Can I just say that I have a massive mosquito bite on my
foot. I think I got it when we were leaving Meredith's
house. I try to go see a friend who's just had surgery and
I get a mosquito bite! Not to mention the fact that it is
at a location that is going to hinder me wearing my flip-
flops. I'll have to find a way around that. ;-)
Friday I bought a most exciting shirt. I went looking for
something specifically, and found it and I HAD to buy it.
(ashamed face) I didn't want to, but I've been looking for
a shirt like that for a long time and I finally found one.
So I got it. :-D Now...just need a time to wear it..hehe.
To be continued....