2002-09-29 14:45:01 (UTC)

who knows?

i wonder as to how many people know... it's a troubling
matter. i don't mind if people know, it's just that i don't
think it's necessary for people to know sometimes.
actually, i don't care if everyone knows. lauren made a
list of people who know about her, that's the only
reason i am thinking about it. let's try this...
1. there's schrodt, of course, only because i simply love him to
2.bo, duh... even though that one's taken me the longest to get
up enough to tell
3.lauren, another big duh...
4. amanda knows, but i think it's a little too weird for
her. i don't want people to get weird.
5. andrew slade kinda knows, but i am not sure... i told him twice
and the second time apparently he didn't know about the
first... i'm not even going to attempt a third, haha. umm...
6.i think i told allison once when i first started crushing...
7. mary knows, she's very weirded out... she says i'm
obsessed, that hurt.
8. i think maybe probably fronk knows
only cause lauren told rachael.
9.that's ok, rachael is cool with anything.
10. danielle knows, i have no idea why i told
her, really... perhaps it was so she would get off me
about fucking jesse... eww!
11 and 12 my sis and my bro know, i think that's the coolest, that
my sister is all for it...
13 and 14 her friends cass and jessica know. they're funny about
it. esp. cass, i love her!!
15. katie malm knows.
16. nicole knows, and i think she's sad, cause she wants her..
17.zach knows, gosh, i really don't want to go to
homecoming with him, i wish i knew what was going
on. golly tamale,

i think that's about it. hmm... 17, not so
bad... i'm sure more than that know, i wish everyone
knew, but the telling them part is tough. also, i have yet
to actually sit down and talk to jenn. this bothers me to
the max. well... that was all a bit too pointless... i will
probably add more as i think about it... oh well... i think i
may go back to bed... 9:45 is just too early for me. haha