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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-29 14:38:53 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part L

Wow I am plum tuckered out. Karen came over yeaterday and
said she could stay till Monday till her hubby returns
from a emergency business trip he had to take or get
fired! She asked what the hell happened to my apartment
and I told her the damn water heater decided to explode
and I have filed for fedreal disaster relief. Then I
called Holly from the bedroom where she was hiding and
introduce both of them to each other. I could tell Karen
was a wee bit jealous as she studied Holly. Karen
said, "Next you'll tell me dhe is living with you!" I
pulled Karen back away from Holly fearing a "cat fight"
and said yes she is, I get very horny between visits! I
need to be loved and babied and mommied a lot!"

Karen replied, "Well as long as she left something for me,
she any good in bed?" I told her, "Yes, she is a woman!
Look there is plenty of me for everyone, besides I still
love you and want to be with you. Nothing has changed!
Karen then shook Holly's hand I and said why don't you to
go into the bedroom talk and get to know each other. So
they did. I finished rewiring my Stereo system all those
little cables that go in a certain fashion to each other
so they all work as advertisted. Then I heard a scream,
Holly scream and fearing a cat fight I ran to the bedroom
only to see to naked women enjoying each other!

I excused myself and happy the two of them were making out
rather well! Karen and Holly were 69ing each other. I wold
have joined in, but I left them alone together. Thirty
minutes later they come out dressed and Karen said were
going shopping, you can wait till we get back can't you? I
told her yeah and gave them my credit card! I know you
ain't suppose to do that, but if you can't trust the women
who love you who can you trust! Besides it is only money!
I told them since it was so nice outside I was going to
cook some steaks in the evening out on the baconley. They
left and in my car too! I had to go to the store and get a
few things and took Holly's Metro, god I hate that car! I
have a souped up tricked out dressed up 1991 Camaro that
will out run just about anything including a vette.

I return and fix up a few thing, get the steaks ready,
make a salad and throw in three big huge baking potatoes
in the oven. I attemp to try and clean my apartment up, a
up hill battle. Then a hour later the girls return bags
upon bags and wondering if I have any money left! They got
some new out fits, nighties, thongs which I like but how
can a woman stand that string riding her crack! Karen then
said, "Play time" so we all went back to the bedroom and
got naked! Just seeing Karen and Holly both naked got me
hard as a rock. Then the question most men wish they
had, "Which one first!" I got with Karen of course and She
was very horny for some cock!

She said she has given up on her hubby having sex. Well
come to daddy baby, daddy make it feel better! Holly is
behind me with Karen's legs on her shoudler and pshing my
ass with one hand while fingering my prostate with
vaseline. I am pounding away on Karen as we are loving the
hell out of each other hugging moaning and thanking God
for making women! Karen is sucking gently on my neck as
Holly is saying "Give her a baby, give her a baby! Karen's
vaginal muscles are pulling and tugging on my cock driving
me crazy. I don't want to cum, not ready to, but have no
choice in the matter and burst a huge cum wad deep into
Karen as she then bites down on my neck as she goes into
her orgasm sezure. digging in her finger nails into my
back. Ouch! Exhausted I lay in her as my cock coughs out
spurts of semen each time her vagina contracts around my
cock! Karen whispers, "You want to give me a baby?"
I replied, Yes as I squirt another wad into her. Karen
hugs me and said, "Well I might as well get pregnant, my
husband doesn't seem in the mood!

I then eased out my cock and got a finger full of vaseline
and slowly inserted my hand up into her vagina. Holly
watches me and cuddles close to Karen as I start driving
her mad with orgasm. I still can not believe how powerful
a woman's vagina is as she cranked down on my hand
squeezing it hard as she cummed. Karen withered and wailed
out in her orgasmic pleasure telling me she loves me more
than her husband and not to stop. Holly comforts her
holding and hugging her, caressing and kissing her face.
Now I don't know about most men but I love making a woman
have pleasure than recieving pleasure.

Watching them cum, go into orgasms, moaning and howling
like a cat in heat, begging for more and more. That
somehow makes my cock hard! I tell Holly to get between us
and get my cock in her which she figures out how to do and
does. Now I am in Heaven, I am in some pussy being loved,
and giving love to another woman. Holly is between Karen
legs as my legs wrap around her. Holly then started to
finger and play with Karen's asshole as she is fucking me.
I tell Karen to take her time I don't want to cum! This is
all getting everyone worked up. I hand is getting tired
and starting to hurt. but let it hurt I am giving Karen
unspeakable pleasure.

Karen is howling and wailing Holly is moaning and I am
loving every moment of it! How long it lasted no one
really knows for sure, but it seemed like a long time!
Finally Holly made me cum, I was ready and gave her a good
burst of semen. Then Karen gave birth to my aching hand as
I scrambled up to her and gave her a mouthful of spit
which she eagerly accepted! As I hugged her and consoled
her she was wonderful. I then wore out, women do that to a
man and l retreated to the living room leaving them alone.
And to have a beer and a cigarette. God I love women so

Since it was getting late I started the fire in the
barbque and sat out in my shorts on the baconey, My
baconey so I really don't care who sees me. Holly yells at
me to go get some clothes on. I think I remember telling
her that the other day! I am feeling manly, stud! Holly
comes out and said, "Go get some clothes on their are
children around here. So I go put on my jocking shorts and
return to the baconey to watch the fire. Karen can hardly
walk as Holly helps her out on the baconey. Karen
says, "Damn your good, what would yo do if I left my
husband for you. I replied, Scoot over Holly I will be in
the middle!

I then threw on the steaks. As I watched them cook I
pointed out to Karen various people, mostly women and told
her of their various night callers who come a calling,
Friendly Henry, Joe the Grinder, Gentleman Jim, Tom the
Tool Pusher. Sure enought as I spoke Friendly Henry showed
up! I spotted the local drug dealers and ponited them out
standing around and greeting cars as they drove by making
quick transactions in less than ten seconds. Who was
Lezzies and the college girls who whored out! Karen
said, "Why don't you go and check them out? I replied, I
like taking my chances with getting caught with a married
woman by her insanily jealous husband than I do catching
AIDs! Odds are better with a jealous husband!

Then we watched some young teenage girls talking with some
older guys and the following them into their apartment. I
asked, "Wonder what they are doing? Karen replied, "Hope
their on Birth control! Karen said, damn it is not this
exciting in my neighnorhood! We then ate stuff our faces
and enjoyed ourselves then went back to the bedroom to
reaffirm our love for each other!

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