madness and death
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2001-07-28 21:44:42 (UTC)

for your voyeuristic pleasure...

there is no programme.
there is no terminus a quo.
deal with it.

shaved this morning. no cuts. yay.
will be moving soon.
the demon wasn't around this morning. not until i was ready
to leave, anyway. wanted to be fed. got my sleeve dirty.
supposed to go out with tori and moon tonight. might happen,
might not. hope it does, would love to see moon; tori is
always easy on the eyes.
saw chiba yesterday, briefly. he's looking well. didn't see
dane. probably a good thing, given the mood i was in.
spent most of yesterday with the lizard and wort. was okay.
still have an insane desire to get the lizard in bed. will
never happen. unfortunately.
should take acid out sometime. maybe dinner tonight if tori
and moon fall through.
should get the lizard out of my mind. concentrate on acid.
never has time for me, though. wish she did. hard to be
involved with someone who doesn't have time for you. easy to
live with, hard to be involved with. maybe moving will help.
a new beginning for both of us. tabula rasa. maybe. we'll
haven't seen the scholar in sometime. had a fantastic time
last time we went out. she is the perfect blend of patrician
and plebian, of debutante and proletariat. wonder what she
is like in bed. the slimy ex-lover has never said anything.
think he doesn't know what to do with it. he's a pig and
dresses badly. what did she ever see in him?

can i cut my wrists now?

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