Every one h a dark side wana see??????
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2002-09-29 09:15:44 (UTC)

today was wierd!!!!!!!!

Today was a wierd day for me it all started about 1:30 when
i woke up well I woke up and my Dad and grandmother were
being dicks what else is new right.....Well then I was
talking to my girlfriend on text message and she was like
come over so I went over there I was feeling high for some
odd ass reazon but I went and we chilled on the computer
and She made me eat so I was like uh whatever and we had
string beans and turkey ha ha ha ha...Well then we came
back to my house and we were chillin then I called my
friend in jersey staci and then Sara (My Girl) Started
talking to her and then for some odd ass reazon I started
getting really depressed and shit then I got better Then we
went back to her house Cuz I had to walk her home and We
went on the computer again ha ha.... But yeah then I
started feeling like i was fucking up with her some how
some way and I hate feeling like that I feel like such a
fuck up but she talked to me and made me happy again so
yeah today was an emotional rollar coaster but Sara I love
you more then anything and thinks for making me stay there
till 4:30 in the morning lol j/k I love you Sweetness
peace peace