The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
2002-09-29 08:28:09 (UTC)


Guys are fucking assholes. I have had it and it's only been
3 weeks! I have had one of th emost horrible nights anyone
could have and I am not going back to that place for a
while. I need some time and space from all that shit...I
came out 3 fucking weeks ago and already I have been
screwed over by more GUYS than I have been screwed over by
GIRLS in my whole lifetime!! I am so sick of drama and
people that like to cause it. I am so sick of people who
don't have the fucking balls to apologize for something
they KNOW they did. I am so sick of people being fake! I am
so sick of falling for someone who treats me like shit and
I treat them like they're my everything! I never put my
heart into it, but damnitt, if I did...this pain would
probably be unbearable.

Last night with you was awesome and I want it to happen
again. I'm sorry you feel you can't talk to me, but you
must know that I'll always be here for you no matter what.
You can ALWAYS come and talk to me because I know that I
can always come and talk to you...even if it does involve
your best friend that I talk about...I don't know what last
night meant to you, but it meant a lot to me and I would
really like to talk to you about it ASAP...

So many details, yet so little time. I have been going on
NO sleep whatsoever, so I must retire to my nice comfy bed.

Ooh...and I'm also sick of people sending their friends to
bitch me out about my diary entries. Please get a life and
stay out of mine! I am OVER IT! I just think it's funny
that you got caught! hahahahahahahahahahaha....and YES I'm
gonna laugh it up cause I KNOW I'm better than you and that
makes all the difference in the world!

To quote a very good friend of mine, "I HATE THE WORLD!"