It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-29 07:44:20 (UTC)

oh man, im so drunk. i just..

oh man, im so drunk. i just puked up my chinese food
dinner. it was gross. we drank 17 beers, only like...5 of
us. but me and tom drank most of it. plus i had like a half
pint of jack. oh yeah, HI GINA! your swell! i think im
gonna stay up for a while longer. i don't wanna have a
hangover, especially since i gotta work tomorrow. i feel
like ass. probably cause i had like 12 cigarettes. i talked
to andrea today, she IMed me. it was weird, but she still
looks really pretty. coulda just been the picture, but in
my mind she looks like a man. i just puked. fuck, i feell
ike shit. im gonna puke again and go to bed.