The mediocrity that is me
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2002-09-29 06:59:51 (UTC)

Me, a car, and the open road.

I haven't felt so trapped in a long time.

I swear, it's the lack of access to a car, a truck, a van,
anything with keys, four wheels and an engine
that will get me from here to that remote location known
as "there."

I need a car, the open road, and the freedom to just jump
in and go, go, go...

Have you ever noticed that when you're on a long road
trip, looking out the window, that the highway stretches
on into some place that you'll never reach. Infinity.
You could drive for an eternity and still never run out of
road to drive on. I always wondered where the roads
ended. I know, "the ocean" is the logical answer. But
screw logic --- I always thought that they never ended.
Or, if they did, they ended at either heaven or infinity.

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