sheesh ya fuck
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2002-09-29 06:44:28 (UTC)

Today has been discouraging and..

Today has been discouraging and im fucking sick of this

1.) woke up late.
2.)nothings changed.
3.)im really losing in this
4.)my job sucks.
5.)windshield wiper blade refills suck.
6.)people are selfish pricks
7.)im tired.
8.)Mom is right.
9.) im irresponsible.
10.) im losing again.
11.) receipts suck.
12.) money sucks.
13.) captalism is hell.
14.) encouragment blows
15.)tell me what to do again and i swear. ill do it.
!6.) killing yourself sucks.
!7.) having answers sucks.
18.) being a minor sucks.
19.) my stomach is bleeding.
20.)your thoughts are bleeding.
21.)animals make me sad.
22.) i havent a home.
23.) my memories hurt.
24.)my parents are busy.
25.) i feel like shit.
26.) my gas tank is empty.
27.) i only have $17 to last for another week and half
28.)chris wants to hurt me.
29.)christene hates me.
30.) i lost evreything.
31.) no one trusts me.
32.) im ugly.
33.) im sick.
34.) im angry.
35.) i stopped caring about 2 years ago.
36.) im unintelligent. that goes to proove it.
37.)clocks tick inside my fucking head
38.) im weak i cant handle anymore.
39.) im pathetic you see. im feeling sorry for myself.
this is to sum up a little of the shit this is to sum up
my fears my fucking reality..that i want to blur up..stir
up..bleed out..sleep away..pop away push aside fucking
leave fucking leave. free me hahaha that is the only
comment that will make me me....haha