Diary of an American Witch
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2002-09-29 04:59:40 (UTC)

Innocence, or sensuality?

Im going out with my boyfriend tonight, and I am faced with
the question that every woman comes to at least once in her
life. Innocence, or sensuality? Do I wear the white bra,
or the black? Do I go for the low cut dress, or the
flattering shirt and slacks? And while we are on the
subject of garments, undergarmets in particular, why is it
that we women feel so uncomfortable when our bras and
panties don't match? I mean, on a date. Why do we care?
I mean, it's not like we are going to have them on all that
long anyway, if we do indeed get to that point. So why?
Is it a confidence thing? Is it out of some dire need to
make that good first impression in the bedroom? And if it
is, why? Why do we feel the need to make that impression?
Obviously, if you are that far with a guy, he's not going
to turn you down just because you don't blow him away the
first time you take your clothes off. He's not going to
say: "oh, blue panties, yellow bra, sorry honey, I have to
go now."
Why is it that big a deal? And why am I talking about this?
Women are wierd. And I can say that without fear, because
I am a woman, and I know how wierd we are. I have often
sat and talked about the oddities of the female mind with
my male friends, they don't seem to get it. And really, I
don't blame them, I don't get men either.
I have little to nothing against men in general, and it
really would be a crime to lump them all into the "sex
hungry bastards" catagory, because I have met a few non gay
men who actually cared about emotions, and famlies, and
things outside the sterotypical male priorities, and that
gives me hope, but the main male goal seems to be sex, and
all things related to sex. Whereas we, the female of the
species, are centered on emotional needs. Everything that
a woman does, aside from going to the bathroom, has an
emotional basis. Woman eat, or don't eat, sleep, or don't
sleep, get dressed a certain way, work a certain way,
speak, move, think, make love, a certain way, all because
of emotional triggers that go off in our brains, that
say "do this, this way, and you will feel this." Or "don't
do this, this way, and you will feel this."
And we read it at a zillion miles an hour, all the while
combating emotion with reason (don't eat that, you will get
fat// Im only 115 pounds, one piece of cake is not going to
make me fat) And through all of it we still go about our
day, do our work, cook our dinner, run our errands, help
our friends, worry about our kids, or our parents, or our
job, or our boyfriend/ girlfriend/husband/wife so on and so
on. It's a wonder we don't just shut down in the middle of
a shopping mall, and have to be carted away in a straight

That's why, one will never, never, never, no matter how
hard they try, understand women in general. Not even me,
and I am one.

Now men, I have no clue what drives men, or how they work.
Men don't like to talk about that kind of stuff, so I have
never gotten a good window into the male mind.

Now, back to what I was saying..... The white bra or the
black? The dress or the slacks? Maybe jeans? Or would
that send the wrong message? If I only knew what he was
going to wear, I would feel comfortable wearing jeans if he
was. But what if he dresses up? I don't want him to feel
wierd because he is dressed up and Im not, but what if he
isn't, and I am? That would be wierd too.

So Im going to go with standard dating procedure. Wait
till he shows up, see what he is wearing, and then dress
accordingly. But I have to be fast, I don't want to keep
him waiting, maybe I should lay out some possible outfits
before hand................................

Happy Thinking