Pandora's Book
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2001-07-28 20:44:03 (UTC)


July 28, 2001

Yesterday I worked for about 7 hours. The clinic was crazy
busy. I didnt even have everything finished when I left. Oh
well, Ill stay late again on Monday. Barb was really cool
again last week. I dont know why everybody has so many
problems with her. She is really nice to me, and seems to
treat everybody else ok. I guess its just because she is the
boss and people are generally 'supposed to' hate their bosses
(jealousy etc.).

I went to Angelos with Jayme, Angie and Justin last night.
There are a whole bunch of people from school that work
there. The food wasnt to great though I guess. not much
that I could choose from, I just had salad and fries.
Ten we went to Jaymies and playing Bingo, Poker, Balderdash
and Skip-boo. Hehe it was funny. Then the guy that Angie
likes came over and I fell asleep.

My parents have been away for most of the day. Its been
sweet, I have been able to sleep in with nobody nagging me.
Im so tired. And I even got sleep last night. Poor Justin
couldnt even keep his eyes open when he had to drive home
last night... I hope he made it ok.

I think Im getting sick. I feel hungover.. although I wasnt
drinking last night. I guess Im just tired.

Ive started a web page, I dunno, just to kill some boredom I
guess. I have to upload a lot more crap, it will come.