Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
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2002-09-29 04:07:53 (UTC)

Chapter 30 - Month 09 - the 29th 11.59 pm 2K2

- alone
Living well , chicks are hot..again... Better off alone
The kid is starting to have a "The Rock" attitude to Me
ive scalp my head
did my beard
--- in the air tonight - Holly McNarland playing...(cover)
feeling calm relaxed i come back purching in this virtual diary
in vain of something to rejoice my interest
--- music is getting better at this point ---
remembering that they told not one of my girfriends..i had
not cheated on me... --- god those drums can really bang in
these headphones -- even if it's not phil signing it fells
sexy and heated inside...

thanx for keeping my thoughs
living without ecstasy

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