Well, I guess this is growing up
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2001-07-28 19:58:20 (UTC)

Self Evaluation

Last night, when pondering why the hottest man alive (named
William, but I'm sure you'll hear more about him later) I
examined myself critically.

My feet are too big and i have fat toes. I have an unsightly
bone that sticks up (my navicular bone) in my foot. My
ankles are thick. My calf muscles are nicely developed, but
my knees are big and I have the curse of all female
athletes...thunder thighs. (Muscle it is, but massive
amounts) My stomach buldges if i don't sit up straight, my
breats are far from large. (I wear size 34B) My neck is too
long and my chin is too pointy. My nose is ugly, my hair not
red enough, and my lips not full enough.

And yet, when i look in the mirror, I think I am pret