The Bumper Book Of Dreams
2001-07-28 19:57:46 (UTC)

Bond Girl

Okay this dream is pretty weird but was quite funny at the
same time. It started off like one of those cheesy american
soaps with bad acting and beautiful characters etc... So I
was staying at this hotel which was also some secret
terrorists major base ( don't ask ). there were 3 main
characters . 2 women and a man. the man and the women
worked for the terrorists and were lovers and had kidnapped
this other nice lady. But the man falls in love with her
and the other terrorist lady just goes insane and kills him
and then buries this nice women in a mountain alive. This
nice lady had been my friend which is why I felt the need
to avenge what had happened to her. This is where it goes
all James Bond styly. While skiing I hear banging under the
mountain and dig a hole to find my friend ( somehow still
alive ) . I get really mad and suddenly become a spy and
decide to destroy this terrorist base. So I go in to the
hotel ( which had shifted from a mountain to near the
Cathedral in the town I live ). I sneakily make my way into
the main control room where I start to destroy everything.
But this really massive bad guy finds me so ( with a rocket
launcher ) I blow him up. But it's too late. he's raised
the alarm. Sirens are blaring . How do I get out. I
contemplate jumping out of the window but it's too high so
I clever decide to sneak out of the front door like nothing
happened. On my way out 3 guys notice me and yell. they are
the 3 guys I fancy at the moment ( against my will might I
add ) so I turn to go a different way. I'm almost out the
door but I somehow drop my phone. Knowing this is major
evidence against me I beg the security guard who picked it
up to give it back and for some reason he eventually does.
I'm free. I calmly walk past the police roadblocks and walk
away (I'd like to point out that for some reason the police
are more interesting in catching me for blowing stuff up
than catching the evil terrorists ). As I'm walking home my
mum sees me and picks me up but I feel so bad about the
whole thing that I tell her what I did. Then SHOCK HORROR
my mum tells me that she's the leader of the evil
terrorists but agrees to hide me from the police if I go
work for her. So I do. THE END. ( Actually thats just when
I woke up ).It was a really long realistic dream actually.
And there were bits preceding it but they don't really