2001-07-28 19:50:09 (UTC)

leaving the love behind

you know how the first time that you fall in love you fell
like you are on top of the world then after it ends you
dont know what to do so you do what everyone tells you to
do that time will ease the pain then you wait untill you
think that time has healed then you try to go out with
someone else only to find that you dump them because it
just doesnt fell right then it repeats over and over again
untill you get so tired of it that you avoid the hole
situation all together thats what happend to me i went out
with my love for a year and eight months and we borke up it
wasnt like i didnt see it comming i had moved from ny to fl
and it wasnt working i waited for four months before i
started to go out with outhers and they lasted myabe a week
i got so tired of it i drowed my self in school and in with
home work and work that i wouldnt have time for others i
could use it as an excusse not to date i couldnt seem to
find anyone to match my first love i looked for him in
every guy that i looked at then school ended and once again
i move just this time not out of state just 30 miles south
into a big house and finaly since ive started high school
ill finish a hole school in one school my jr year i have
prom and homecomming all the stuff and i dont think that i
will have anyone to spend it with school starts in 3 weeks
and i dont know anyone i dont know what i am going to do
things just arent working out like i thought they would i
always thought that me and him would always be together now
i dont know if any guy will every love me again.

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