can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-09-29 02:58:05 (UTC)

what am i? flypaper for freaks?

met three really nice guys today: one cute, just graduated
BC, going into Peace Corp. His brother, cute, journalism
major at Northeastern. another guy, dropped outta high
school and is in night school, not that great looking.
guess who asked for my number? maybe i'm just more
comfortable w/ guys that i prolly deserve better than. but
it sucks. i don't mind, hes a nice guy (i think his name is
brian, isn't that awful, i'm not even sure what his name
is!) but...oh well, i shouldn't be judgemental, i gave him
my number and he was nice, i think i'd like to talk to him
some more. but...i dunno whatever. maybe ian and sean will
be at church tomorrow.
thats where i met these guys btw. churchs 50th anniversary
dinner. brian was helping out w/ the catering-as was i- and
sean and ian are a members sons who i've never met before.
theyre too old for me anyway, but even still. we'll see.
speaking of church, gotta say something about what RE means
to me tomorrow at the three o'clock service. hm. its
supposed to be about three sentences, but i could never sum
it up in that. i want to talk about being allowed to make
our own choices about what we thought god was, because
thats something that i'm *so* grateful for. i'll figure it
out later.