Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
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2001-07-28 18:33:06 (UTC)

i cant take it

im tiered of every thing! i love ben so much! its true i
love more than any thing in this mortal world! seeing him
in pain kills me tear drop to tear drop. i cant take it why
dose every one daubt their self worth! and tom unless you
think im trying to ignor you i would stop saying that! you
dont think ill miss you! fine i hate the world! i wish wish
it would end! i hate this place i dont belong here!!! its
not my place! and im tired of picking up the broken pices
of my heart. i cant do any thing to help ben. im useless.
if only love could set me free! but i am doomed to live my
life as a bringer of pain. nothing can change that. and as
i have said befor.. imagin the darkness in love with the
light. how stupid am i! i shouldnt be alowed to be loved!
or to love because all i do is bring darkness to all that
have light! im sorry to any one i have ever caused any
pain. and uless you deside to snap the hell out of this
stupidity tom dont bother talking to me any more! because
im tired of all my eforts of keeping this friend shipn
alive, and haveing it thrown in the mud! so when you deside
that you actully mean something to me! talk to me! drop me
an email! or stay omn line a little longer! i have a time i
get on and i time i get off. i dont like it but its my
mothers rule! and for once im going to lisson to a direct order from
my dreams! DEATH MUST DIE!!!!!!
thats all for this! ill continue writting my stories now!
Kitty Maxwell