Ryan's Girl

Ryan,Ryan,and more Ryan
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2002-09-28 21:12:36 (UTC)

Saturday and nothing to do

Hmmm..... I haven't had much fun these last few months.
Everyday I've thought why Jessie is Ryan's Girlfriend and
not me. Well,I know It's my fault 'cause I don't have any
confidence,but even though I don't, Ryan did give me this
weird vibe whenever he looked at me.It doesn't matternow
though what difference does it make? He's gone and I only
have Jessie's gloats to give me info. There's also no use
in hating her I mean What's the point? It's not gonna make
me Ryan's Girlfriend is it? No,The answer is no. My life
has been so unfair and well it leaves me wondering if I'll
ever be happy. I can't help but wonder what he felt for me
last year.We always flirted(Even before I liked him)But I
have no straight answer.Hmmmm.... is all I can say,Hmmmm....

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