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2002-09-28 20:45:52 (UTC)


I'm on my break from work....just thought I'd hit this
thing up. How about those BRAVES!!! They are now 4-0. Ain't
that some shit! It's all good though. I'm proud of my boys.
Anyway, the game was good last nite. It seems like everyone
came home for the weekend. I got a chance to see how a lot
of people were doing. I rode around for a lil while w/
Faris. Man, I miss this small lil town. :( It felt so nice
to drive. Oh well though....gotta get use to 'Lanta. But
anyway, I don't have much to talk about. Oh yeah! I saw a
dude that I went to middle school with. Small world! I also
saw Bear, but we didn't say anything to each other. He kept
looking my way though. It's some fucked shit the way things
are between me and dudes that I had something with. For
instance, Leroy was at the game. I didn't see him until
someone told me he was there. I didn't expect him to be
home....thought he had a game. But he didn't say anything
to me. Maybe he thought I was iggin' him, but I honestly
didn't see him until someone said something. I just think
it's crazy. Why it gotta be like that???? FUCKED SHIT! I
can't be running in behind someone just to say hi.....that
ain't me. Maybe if I saw effort being put forth, I would
maybe do a lil something....but hell naw, I can't subject
myself to doing that. Ya know! Well, let me get back to
this j-o-b....I'll holla! *J*