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2002-09-28 20:35:45 (UTC)

College Fair

ha ha last night was the moderated panel for the college
fair. yeah, since i missed lunch and dinner to fail that
test for chem i ordered a pizza as soon as i got to my
room and i went downstairs at 7:30 to go to the college
fair and my pizza was there. i didn't have time to take
back up to my room so i just brought it with me. my
guidance counselor laughed at me. so i used my pizza box
to bear down on so i could take notes and when i stood up
to ask the furman rep a question about their engineering
majors abby was like "yup, her and her pizza box" and i
busted out laughing. the moderator guy/dude was
like "well, i guess she has a funny question". i held up
my box and in between laughing i said "no, i'm holding a
pizza box". omg i embarrassed myself sooooooo bad. the
entire theater was laughing at "with me" (yeah
right. . .). but now that i'm looking back on it, it
really was funny. now ppl will remember me as the girl who
brought a pizza to the college fair. this morning one of
the college reps asked me about it. it was relatively
embarrassing. oh well. c'est la vie.

omg barret finally got an aol sn: 'bastadface'. omg he is
funny. no wonder i like him. he makes me laugh :) we're
going to target tomorrow night.

ok, i'm not going to mention barret anymore in this entry
cuz itz kinda old now. . .yes i like him a lot and that's