mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-09-28 19:31:41 (UTC)

Latest Chapter of my life......

well, where do we begin?? - yesterday, Phyllis got arrested
for aggravated arson, they think she was the one who set
the fire at the poolhouse on the estate property. She didnt
do it, but at moment, evidence says otherwise.
On brighter note, this am went to nicoles soccer game. It
was fun watchin her play. She didnt get much time on the
field, and I need to try to work with her on her kicking.
she kicks with the side of her foot and the ball always
cuts to right , she needs to get hr toe into it so it will
go straight. Also she needs to be a bit more aggressive,
but for her 1st yr, she isnt bad.
I am stuck here @ work until 3am, 11.5 more hrs to go -
YIPPIE !!! lol... Lisa was sleepin when i left to come in
here, i hope she is ok, I need her more than i need air to
breathe. I told her last night that staartin on mon, we are
gonna go for walks together, even if it is just around the
block, it will be a start to hopefully gettin her to feel
better. My partner is here, isnt it strange that when I
work alone , or with anyone else other than you know who,
my stomach does not bother me, but now it is tiedd up in
knots ?? I love my job, i hate my partner...
yes, i am trying to get another job, but that isnt easy...

LISA -- I LOVE YOU !!!!!!