Reality Check
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2001-07-28 16:38:49 (UTC)


Garry(bro.) is down. :) I'm so happy. the first night he
was down he played basketball with my friends while i hung
out on the sideline and talked to some guys. Tiffany Mason's
uncle bought me a pack of ciggs (thank god) but then I left
them in Josh's car. :| OH well. I'll get em later. My curfew
(if I'm hangin out with the people she don't like) is 9:30.
Garry asked if we could stay out later with Josh and she
said, "sure, be back at 11." Now if I had asked, she
would've said 'Hell no'. Garry just said he met josh at the
court and I pretended I had never seen him before in my
life. We went cruisin around...it was fun. It wasn't really
funny when we were on my road and josh had his hand on my
thigh and I look up and hank's standing outside waiting for
us. I freaked. But it's all good.

Last night me and Garry went to the bowling alley to shoot
pool and hang out. I beat him...for once. His game was a
little off. Josh could't go cause he was babysitting his
little sister. That pissed me off. But then I went over to
these 2 guys and 2 girls and asked if anyone wants to play
pool with my brother cause he was bored. They were from out
of town, and they were all cousins. One of the
guys...Chad...started talkin to me. We hung out all night.
He asked me how old I was and when I said 14 his eyes got
real big. He was like, 'you look much older'. i asked him
how old I looked and he said 17. Then the other guy came
over and Chad was like, 'how old do you think she is?' He
was like, 'I don't know...17 or so.' I was rollin. When Chad
told him i just turned 14 he didn't believe it. I still
don't think he doesn't. But anyways...me and Chad hit it
off. He said I had pretty eyes and that I was gorgeous and
everything. Too bad he don't live around here. He's leaving
tomorrow, so that's probably the last time I'll see him. But
it's cool. At least I got my hug before he left. ;-)

Ok, Josh. Think about Josh. I feel bad cause when Chad
asked if I had a boyfriend I said no. Technically I feel I'm
allowed to flirt with other guys since we've only been going
out for a week. It's not like we're in 'love'. Hell, we're
just starting to 'really seriously like' each other. I do
really like him though. He just reminds me so much of Kenny
though. His looks, the way he acts...even the way he touches
me reminds me of Kenny. Ugh! I wish he would get out of my
head. I'm pathetic. He's living in Ohio probably married by
now and probably forgot all about me....and I'm sitting here
and at least once a day I think about him. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.
Well, they always say first love is hardest to get over.

Josh doesn't have to work today. Hopefully Garry will have
an urge to go play basketball (which he always does since
he's obsessed with the sport and always has been), then I
can call Josh up from the phone in Texaco and he can come
get me and we can go somewhere. :) The new guy in Texaco is
strange. He has a girlfriend....or wife or fiance or
something. But he is constantly flirting with me. All the
girls in there won't let me use the phone (except Monte) or
let me do anything. he'll let me use the phone, buy
ciggarettes (if nobody's around), and he even gives me money
for stuff. But hey, i'm not complaining. I just think that's