Hellz Yeah
2001-07-28 15:35:31 (UTC)

Drum 'N Bass

Alright guys, check it. Drum 'N Bass. If y'all live anywhere
near NYC you gotta check this party thats gonna be going on
on the 16th of August. It's at the Limelight and there's
gonna be a host of really slammin DJ's: Nicky Black Market
and MC Foxy, The Kimchee Cornbread Connection, A-Sides,
Total Science, Digital, DJ Lee, MC Rage, Burner Brothers,
Reid Speed, Doomer, Swingsett, SML, DJ Still, Saskai and
Ranka, and Mercy Killah. I've seen these dudes spin and
they're awesome as hell. Drinks, cool people, awesome
club, and big party always always always equals fun in NYC.
Check the website too, it's my link. Sorry, I'm all about
music, especially Drum 'N Bass and I get all hyped up for
big parties like this. That's all my friends and I do...hop
from party to party and check out the music. What else is
there to do in the summer in the East Coast? Nothin but
party party party, and party after that too. Wicked fun.
Anyway, this is just me, you're party person wanting you and
yours to have fun during the week providing you with enough
parties to make you want to be sick. I promise next time
will be an actual diary entry, but I just got back from
shopping and looked at some of the flyers I picked up, and
got all excited about this one. The website...check it.