my life...
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2001-07-28 15:28:33 (UTC)


hey whats up?!? nothing much here. My best friend, Kayt,
comes home from vacation today. I just remembered though,
that Nicole, Erin, and Mary wanted to see a movie so I
don't know what I am going to do. Last night was kinda
strange. Amy and I met these two guys. We were bored so we
figured why the hell not. I did wanna bring them along to
the club thugh. Anyways, there was this 19 yr old guy,
Scott and this 20 yr old guy Pat. It was all so weird. I
mean we had like nothing to do so we went up to whips
ledges. That was scary! lol I was wearing my platform
sandals. Pat carried me down on his back and I thought he
was going to drop me. After that, we went over to Amy's
where we got kicked out for being too loud. That was such
BS.. it was like 11 or so and we were just talking, but
whatever. So then Amy saw Julie driving down the street and
we sat outside her house. Julie's boyfriend seems like a
dick. Pat and Scott thought that Julie was concetied. I
dunno. Pat gave me his number and told me to call him last
night so I did. The kid seems sweet and all, but I mean my
parents would flip...he's 20! how could i pull that one
off?? I mean thats only like 2 and a half years difference
but now it seems like alot cause I am not 18. I think he's
such a sweetheart though. Mike still hasn't called me back
from our amazing night. I still adore him more than
anything. I dunno where that is going though. I hope we
hook up eventually if he even likes me anymore*