driven by a strange desire
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2002-09-28 16:32:25 (UTC)

m and v

Mad Dog:
and Vagabond:
finally picked up all the photos from walmart. screamed at krissy to
stop and take me there when we were riding through the parking lot
after breakfast. i knew i'd forget again if i didn't go right then.
then i had to slap myself because i couldn't talk. then proceeded to
drape spiderweb gossamer around keagan and say "wouldn't he look
lovely in a coffin"...when what i meant to say was crib, but my mind
was off on an addam's family tangent and i slipped up. i was
horrified. but at least krissy has a sense of humor and laughed with
me after a few seconds.
i am in serious need of a nap.