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2001-07-28 15:11:21 (UTC)

Yeah.. I'm not as strong as I say I am

Do you hear me crying? Or do you think I always have tears
running down my face when I'm laughing.. with my head in my
hands? Your bottle of brandy I dont even remember drinking,
or her bottle of vodka. Sorry I guess I get carried away.

The three hours you stayed up with me, which to me only
seemed like a few minutes some parts flash back in my
memory but the rest is just black, I thank you for.

Sorry if I came in and gave you too many hugs and kisses, I
just wanted you to know I love you.

I wouldnt have woken you up otherwise but I was going crazy
and I couldnt talk myself down this time. This was the
first in a long time I got like that and Im sorry.

Most of the time I can make myself happy and have a good
time, but sometimes, I cant control it. It happend last
night too. Which is probably a good thing I didnt drink
cause it would have been tens times worse.

You think Im beautiful, you say you want my company? What
part of you is it that needs it the most? Your dick? A
little hard up for a fuck, you need to make me feel youre
interested and then never call and just not be there the
night we were supposed to get together. I knew it was going
to happen, so Im not really that hurt.

Sometimes its so much easier not having expectations, but
the sting is still there and it does hurt. Just a little.

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